Infographic: 2017 Half-Year Cybersecurity Analysis

Posted by Katie Sadler on 13-Jul-2017

Cognosec provides a bite size analysis of key cybersecurity news and figures from the past six months.

The interactive infographic allows you to view the original news stories by clicking on each tile.

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Expert insights: Neira Jones - consultant, speaker & Non-Executive Director at Cognosec

Posted by Katie Sadler on 10-Jul-2017

As part of Cognosec’s half-year review of 2017, we speak to Neira Jones and question whether organizations have changed their approach to cybersecurity procedures following high profile ransomware attacks. Neira also provides her industry predictions for the next six months.

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Cognosec Weekly News Digest

Posted by Katie Sadler on 30-Jun-2017

Read Cognosec’s round up of relevant news and happenings within the industry this week.

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Cognosec CTO Oliver Eckel discusses the recent Petya cyber-attack

Posted by Katie Sadler on 29-Jun-2017

We speak to Cognosec CTO Oliver Eckel about the recent Petya / NotPetya attack, find out how you can protect your company and ask what should an organization do if it thinks it has been affected...

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Breaking news: Widespread cyber-attack strikes

Posted by Katie Sadler on 27-Jun-2017

Global cyber-attack hits Ukraine’s national bank, state power company and largest airport.

Organizations around the globe are reporting the impact of a widespread cyber-attack that was initially reported in the Ukraine on 27 June 2017.

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