Can your organization withstand a cyberattack?

Posted by Katie Sadler on 16-Jun-2017

With ransomware hitting the headlines over the last couple of months, the need for organizations to improve their cybersecurity has been heightened. Partnering with Fidelis, we’ve put together five top tips infographic for defending against and withstanding a cyberattack.

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Fidelis Breakfast Briefing highlights

Posted by Katie Sadler on 06-Apr-2017

Attendees enjoyed breakfast with a view as Fidelis’ UK Director Andrew Bushby presented “The Best of Both Worlds: A New Approach to Network Security” at The Shard, London on 4 April 2017.

Taking to the floor, Andrew highlighted the challenges facing traditional intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Originally designed to identify attacks targeting known vulnerabilities, traditional IPS have stood still while attackers have moved on using unexpected pathways to target clients and distributed endpoints. He explained that traditional IPS look solely at a packet level. Comparing the system to number plate recognition, he stated that the system could recognise the number plate but the driver could be driving another car, therefore the threat is not identified.

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An interview with... Andrew Bushby, UK Director, Fidelis Cybersecurity

Posted by Katie Sadler on 05-Apr-2017

  1. What are the benefits of a company / organization updating to a Modern Intrusion Prevention System compared to an existing traditional Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)?

    Fidelis’ Next Generation Intrusion Prevention systems (NGIPS) provides organizations with a number of benefits over traditional Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). Firstly we are able to truly inspect the content of the network session, not just packets. Secondly we don’t focus on initial exploit but all phases of the intrusion.  Finally we don’t just detect intrusions in real time, we can also evaluate threats in the past.

    This gives us a unique level of network visibility.  We see more and are able to act in real time to prevent the threat but more than this, we are able revisit the past to understand what has happened. This allows us to take new threat indicators and check to see if any have previously made it through the front-door.

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Detect & stop intrusions – Fidelis NGIPS

Posted by Katie Sadler on 27-Mar-2017

The Fidelis Next Generation Intrusion Prevention solution (NGIPS) has been designed to detect and stop modern intrusions. In this blog, we find out how this is achieved and discover additional benefits of implementation.

According to Fidelis, its Next Generation Intrusion Prevention solution can be delivered as a service from the cloud. Alternatively, it can be deployed on premise when necessary.

Fidelis explains that Traditional Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) were originally designed to protect computers from network based attacks which attempted to exploit known vulnerabilities. However, attackers are no longer server-centric. Instead they use unexpected pathways to target client and distributed endpoints. While attackers innovate, traditional IPSs have stood still. According to Fidelis, they live largely unchanged in scope, generating low-value alerts for security teams while attackers slip past them in pursuit of high-value targets.

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