An interview with… Bill Dedrick, Chief Revenue Officer, Rsam

Posted by Katie Sadler on 05-Jun-2017

Rsam is an agile platform specialising in GRC which can track every aspect of your companies Risk, Threats and Regulatory Change. 

As part of Cognosec’s Partner Profile series, we speak to Bill Dedrick, Chief Revenue Officer at Rsam, to find out how organizations can benefit from its GRC platform. 

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An interview with… Lloyd Webb, Cylance Sales Engineering Director for EMEA

Posted by Katie Sadler on 25-May-2017

“The industry has woken up to the benefits of AI and machine learning”

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An interview with… Richard Walters, Chief Security Strategist, CensorNet

Posted by Katie Sadler on 18-May-2017

Cognosec has furthered its partnership with CensorNet to offer the cyber security company’s advanced cloud security products, including its Unified Security Solution (USS) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). The agreement advances Cognosec’s commitment to help organizations reduce cyber risk and become resilient to attacks. The full press release regarding the partnership can be found here.

With many organizations utilising and reaping the benefits of cloud-based business applications, the need to monitor and control access without compromising productivity grows. We speak to Richard Walters, Chief Security Strategist at CensorNet, to discuss how its USS and MFA can help safeguard businesses in the cloud.

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